December Update #2: New Tournament System

20 wks and 3 days ago - December 4, 2018

Watch the TV Royale episode or skip to the notes. See also part 1 of the December update

New Global Tournaments

  • All new reward system.
  • Win more tournament games, unlock more rewards.
  • When you win games, you advance up the reward track.
  • When the tournament is over, you can unlock rewards for gems.
  • Bonus reward claim price is 500 gems (even the first reward you get is well above the gem value)
  • Top players in the tournament gets exclusive rewards unlockable only from this tournament system.
  • Top 10 on the global leaderboard will get an additional 100K gold for free
  • 4 losses and you are out
  • Entry prices will vary wildy from event to event.
  • Infinite wins — there is no set cap on how far you can go.
  • You can spectate players who are on the leaderboard!
  • They are always hosted by Supercell.
  • The first Global Tournament will happen when the update has arrived.
  • Rewards seen in TV Royale are placeholders.

It’s a bit like challenges with a global leaderboard that also gets you rewards.

Private Tournaments

  • Tournaments will now be called Private Tournaments.
  • All of them will cost 10 gems to create and have no prizes.
  • When creating one, you can choose from any game mode and set a King Level / card level cap.
  • Capacity: 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000
  • Length: 30min, 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h, 1d
  • Game Mode:
    • Normal Battle
    • Double Elixir Battle
    • Draft Battle
    • Sudden Death Battle
    • Triple Elixir Battle
    • Rage Battle
    • Mirror Battle
    • Classic Decks Battle
    • Ramp Up Battle
    • Double Elixir Draft
  • Level Cap: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
  • Will not support 2v2 modes, but it is something planned for the future.


  • War Bounty wil have chance for gems alongside tokens and bonus gold. Bonus gold percentages have been increased to compensate the fact that there’s fewer bonus gold drops.
  • Clan Search. More information in search results
    • If clan is active in Clan Wars
    • If clan is active in donations
    • If there are friends in Clan
  • Add friends after 2v2 battles
  • Continue Challenges. Some special challenges will allow you to continue from where you have lost.