January Update

12 wks and 3 days ago - January 27, 2019

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New arena: Spooky Town

  • Reach Spooky Town at 3600 Trophies
  • Legendary Arena moved to 4000 Trophies
  • All chests obtained at 4000 Trophies and above now contain more cards and Gold!

New card: Wall Breakers

  • Wall Breakers are a daring duo of dangerous dive bombers! Coming this February.
  • See how they work in the game play video by Coltonw83 below:

New game mode: Year of the Hog

Two new game modes: look out for these new game modes appearing throughout February

  • Royal Hogs keep spawning for both you and your opponent!
  • As game goes on, your elixir ramps up, as does the amount of Royal Hogs that spawn.

New game mode: Mini Collection

  • Deck building challenge
  • Create a deck from a freshly generated collection of 40 cards!
  • Each player’s collection is different and will be made up of 15 Commons, 10 Rares, 10 Epics and 5 Legendaries.
  • There are some checks to ensure you get spells and win conditions and not too many of the same type, but other than that it’s unique to each player.
  • In challenges, all cards will be unlocked and at Level 9
  • In global tournaments, it will use your collection levels.

Improvements: Trade

  • Trading will be easier now that you can select up to 4 cards to give away when initiating a trade (only 1 will be given away)

Improvements: Private Tournaments

  • Added the option to set “max losses” in Private Tournaments
  • Private Tournaments are now automatically shared to your Clan Chat
  • Clan recommendations now show up to 5 Clans with your friends in!


  • Also, with the addition of Spooky Town we’ve reshuffled several card unlocks throughout the Arenas — so have a look to see if you now have access to new cards! (Note: any cards you’ve already unlocked will still appear in your chests)