September Update

37 wks ago - September 2, 2018

New Card: Goblin Giant

  • 6-elixir Epic
  • Giant targets buildings
  • Two Spear Goblins in the Giant’s “backpack” and attack everything around it (360 scope)
  • Spear Goblins do not die while Giant is alive
  • The Spear Goblins spawn at full health when the Giant dies

Trade Tokens

  • Can be won from Clan War Chests, as Challenge rewards, or be bought from the shop
  • Max of 5 tokens for each rarity level
  • You can cancel the trade at any time and get your token back
  • You must have spare cards to initiate a trade
  • The number of cards you can trade for each token depends on the rarity level:
    • Legendary: 1
    • Epic: 10
    • Rare: 50
    • Common: 250
  • You can only trade cards with the same rarity, i.e. you can’t trade 50 rare cards for someone else’s legendary card.

Card Equalization — aka Simplified Card Levels

  • Tourney standard for all rarities are now Level 9
  • Depending on rarity, cards unlocked at a different level:
    • Common: 1
    • Rare: 3
    • Epic: 6
    • Legendary: 9
  • Cards and gold required to upgrade does not change
    • Upgrading a Lvl 9 Legendary to Lvl 10 (equiv to Lvl 1 to 2 in the Old version) still takes 1 card only.

2v2 Improvements

  • you can now see your partner’s elixir count
  • King health is no longer obscured
  • You can see who plays which card in Spectator mode

Clan Wars

  • Rewards are now received after each war
  • Your War Bounty grants you Gold according to your war rank, in addition to the victory gold on Collection Day and War Day, plus bonus gold / trade tokens
  • You must attack in war to earn the reward (failing to attack the final battle will net you no rewards)
  • You will be able to play 2v2 Clan War Collection battles even if you are out of attacks! Players with an attack can request battles and you can join (though only they will get a CW chest)
  • War Bounty does not replace season chests. You still get a war season chest based on the highest ranked war you have participated during the season (same as before)

TV Royale

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