December Update #1: Star Levels

20 wks and 4 days ago - December 3, 2018

Watch the TV Royale episode or skip to the notes. See also part 2 of the December update

Star Levels

Star Levels unlock cosmetics for your max level cards.

  • Once your King Tower is at Level 13, you can start earning Star Points from card upgrades and donating Max Level cards — instead of how XP would just be lost previously.
  • You use Star Points to add Star Levels to your Max level cards.
  • Cards can go up to Star Level 3.
  • Some cards have 1 Star Levels, some have 2 and some have three.
  • At launch, not every card will have 2-3 star levels, but Supercell will keep adding star levels such that every card will eventually have Level 2-3.
  • Excess cards for max level right now will be removed.
  • Anyone with excess cards and previously wasted XP will be automatically converted to Star Points.
    • In other words, whether you are a new player or an oldtimer, everything that you should’ve gotten will be there!
  • Max Cards still convert to Gold. Star Points for cards received after max is additional.
  • Max Cards can be traded. You can still donate or trade by using gold. If you have max Miner you can accept any trade of Miner. It will deduct 40k gold and buy/trade the Miner.
  • Max Cards can be donated. You buy at shop price and instant trade. Commons charge you 10 gold each, then receive 5 gold back + XP / star points.
  • You only get star points at King Tower 13. If you are Level 12 and have max cards, you won’t accumulate star points until 13. So it is within your best interest to accumulate XP and get to Level 13 before the update if you can to receive a ton of star points when the conversion hits.

Name Change with Gems

  • You can change your name for 500 gems.
  • You can change your name every 6 hours.
  • Supercell reserves the right to undo your name change if it does not conform to the community guidelines.
  • The cost of name change increases by 500 gems every time. The first one costs 500, the next one costs 1000, with the 20th costing 10,000 gems.


  • Both players must have a Trade Token in order to trade.
  • Trade Tokens economy will be doubled.

Heist Mode

  • To coincide with the Brawl Stars global launch, a special event for 1v1 Heist will be available on December 13th.

Mega Lightning Chests

  • Super Magical Chests (SMC) are being replaced by Mega Lightning Chests. MLCs have the same amount of cards, but up to 8 Strikes (based on Arena). Since high Arena ones have guaranteed Legendary cards, you will get to reroll Legendaries and big stacks of Epics. No more being sad over 23 Clones!