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Welcome to Asgard, the great Viking alliance made up of:

  • Valhalla - Our most competitive clan and home of Odin's chosen warriors Looking for 40+ war wins.
  • Ultra Fusion - An elite group who strikes fear to those who stand before them
  • Pig Legion - A bloodthirsty horde of warriors seeking to destroy their enemies in battle
  • Royale Family - Competitive in war, casual in spirit
  • Folkvangr - A friendly group, we keep it clean here
  • Helheim - A social clan of unique and tormented souls
  • Jotunheim - A clan for improvement and greatness

Full of immense competition, our seven clan alliance offers you a fun and active Clash Royale experience, with opportunities to be competitive or laid back and chill.

We are seeking highly active players who want more out of Clash Royale. Come join a fun and social experience where you can be part of our growing international family of clans.

Make sure you do 16 war attacks and get at least 1600 medals every week or you’ll be demoted and kicked. Also 2000 = elder promo
58,006 Trophies | 5,300 Requirement
3,250 Clan War Trophies
3,620 Donations
50 / 50 Members
Part of Åsgard alliance, earn elder with consistent war participation
55,662 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
1,723 Clan War Trophies
1,442 Donations
50 / 50 Members
war clan, active donators, please be mature or you will be kicked. slava ukraine 💪
54,746 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
2,650 Clan War Trophies
1,733 Donations
38 / 50 Members
Clan war oriented, must participate or will be kicked. Growing together.
51,977 Trophies | 5,000 Requirement
2,765 Clan War Trophies
2,120 Donations
36 / 50 Members
🔷️Asgard Clan🔷️discord:🔷️400 war participation or may get kicked🔷️
50,398 Trophies | 3,600 Requirement
1,615 Clan War Trophies
924 Donations
46 / 50 Members
A Relic of the past this clan has seen glory and failure now aiming to rebuild Discord server: Chill
11,551 Trophies | 2,600 Requirement
1,153 Clan War Trophies
10 Donations
6 / 50 Members
Asgard clan. find the old members in pig legion and helheim
2,413 Trophies | 7,000 Requirement
2,770 Clan War Trophies
0 Donations
1 / 50 Members
Invite Only
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