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The Irish Mob family of clans is a dedicated war based clan family that is looking for players of ANY skill to join in our ranked family of clans. Highly competitive to casual players will fit into our system and can move up or down clans as leaders and co leaders permit.

Competitive War Clan🍁All War Attacks Mandatory🍁lvl 36+🍁 If full Join LetterKenyFeedR or Lucky Irish🍁🍁
66,010 Trophies | 5,600 Requirement
4,145 Clan War Trophies
12,182 Donations
47 / 50 Members
Active War Clan🍁Feeder to LetterKenyFeedR🍁Earn your way to LetterKenyIrish a Legendary War Clan🍁🍁
47,023 Trophies | 2,000 Requirement
1,215 Clan War Trophies
3,919 Donations
32 / 50 Members
🏁Feeder For LetterKenyIrish🏁 🏁Clan #2/4 In The Irish Mob🏁 🏁War Clan🏁Join The Mob🏁 🏁RoyaleAPI.Com🏁Discord🏁
2,003 Trophies | 4,000 Requirement
841 Clan War Trophies
0 Donations
1 / 50 Members
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