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Samurai.PT is a Portuguese team, that was founded in the 4th of December 2018.

From the very beginning we've always been an united clan with great ambition. As a team we aspire to be one of the best and the most feared team in Portugal!

We also aim to participate in national Clash Royale tournaments.

Se achas que tens o perfil para te juntares a nossa família, envia-nos mensagem pela nossa página facebook ou Discord.

Bem vindo. Clã focado em Guerra de Quinta a Domingo. Diverte-te connosco
63,361 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
3,095 Clan War Trophies
5,968 Donations
41 / 50 Members
Player evolution PT / EN / SP
39,324 Trophies | 1,000 Requirement
1,770 Clan War Trophies
338 Donations
18 / 50 Members
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