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‣ The SONS OF PLOP (Record 6th French ladder, 31st in CW France) Historical clan, created at the launch of the game, here we push ladder and CW. For crazy of CR, connected H24, big clashollics who do not miss a CW stay in top French ladder ans top CW
‣ The KIDS of PLOP Clan created 31.10.2018, now on CW legendary ligue, goal mounted in ladder at its own pace
‣ The SCHOOL of PLOP School clan allows the addict in trouble to find solutions to evolve with his level.
‣ The SoP_Gaming the Plop Esport team

Top FR 🇨🇵ladder. 1/3 clan de la famille du Plop👥Discord: tgx69UC ⚜️Record 5e Fr⚜️ PB: 6k6 🏆
63,536 Trophies | 6,000 Requirement
3,245 Clan War Trophies
4,412 Donations
48 / 50 Members
Invite Only
Rejoins la famillePIop dans notre clan special Guerres de Clans, 🎂31/10/18 ⚠️Full GDC only👀 code: RoyaleAPI / Discord #tgx69UC
57,374 Trophies | 5,600 Requirement
3,580 Clan War Trophies
4,384 Donations
49 / 50 Members
Clan école des légendaires Sons of Plop & Kids of Plop créé 26.6.19. Actif et bonne humeur. 👀 Discord tgx69UC
54,834 Trophies | 4,000 Requirement
1,447 Clan War Trophies
1,179 Donations
46 / 50 Members
Creator Code Support us with creator code RoyaleAPI
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