Professional Players

RoyaleAPI Pro:

This project aims to create and maintain a database of all the competitive teams and players from the Clash Royale community.

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Profile information:

The main information fields every player has in their profile are:

  • Nickname
  • Player Tag
  • Region and Country

Additionally and not necessarily, players may have other information fields as:

  • Social media (Twitter)
  • Content creation (YouTube and Twitch)
  • profile
  • Achievements ①
  • Team ②
  • Competitions ③

① At the moment, only individual achievements are considered in this field. Therefore, achievements earned as part of a team aren't shown at the moment. The basic requirement is a Top4 finish in a competition with at least 500$ as a total prize pool. Rarely and depending on the importance of an event, other rules may apply.

② A player may only have a main team. If a player is part of the roster of several teams, that would be indicated in Competitions (see ③), but only the team in which his participation is the priority will be seen as his main team.

③ Team competitions with considerable importance will be tracked. Players will be shown as participants of that competition if they are included in an official team roster or if they play with a team in the competition. In country-team based competitions, the countries participating will be considered as teams. IMPORTANT: We rely on the staff from each competition to provide and update their information and rosters. Team managers, players and RoyaleAPI staff aren't in charge of this.

Changing or adding information:

If you wish to be added to the list of professional players or want to update your information, please fill in this form:

For complex issues that require personal assistance please contact Alpe123 on Twitter (@Alpe123_CR) or Discord (@alpe123#2295).

NOTE: If you request to be added to a Verified Team, your submission will be ignored. Instead, ask your team staff/manager to include you in the team roster.

Professional tag in profile:

As the name implies, a professional in Clash Royale is someone for whom playing CR is a job. This generally means being paid and/or contracted by a team.

Usually, professionals take part in the main leagues and tournaments of the community and are well known among their peers.

As contracts are mainly confidential, considering someone a Professional is often subjective. This means that we decide if someone is a Pro by looking at the achievements and competitions each player takes part in. If you disagree with the Pro/not-Pro status of a certain player, please submit the form mentioned before and our team will reconsider it; extra information explaining why the status should be reconsidered is appreciated and very useful.

In short, new Pros will need:

  • Individual achievements that are included in our database. (See ①)
  • Participation in at least one of the main team competitions.

Team information:

New teams can be added though the team verification process. This means that team will not be created by request of a single player, but a staff member of the team who is able to submit and keep the information updated.

The verification process and all team information is managed through TeamSync. You can find more information about this platform here:

It is only meant to be used by staff members or team managers. You can fill in this form and join our RoyaleAPI Pro Discord server to begin the TeamSync process:

To become a Verified Team in RoyaleAPI, using this platform is a requirement, as it ensures that it's information will be kept updated.

NOTE: Teams can't manage the competitions in which it's members participate. That information is provided by the competition's staff.