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1. Player Info
Name, player tag.
2. Clan Info
Clan name, clan role, clan tag, clan emblem. Also links to clan page for clan overview.
3. Statistics
Trophies (current, highest), global rank, arena name. Game stats: wins, draws, losss, total, win ratio, win streaks. Experience: level, required experience to level up. Challenge stats: number of cards won, max wins. Tourney stats: number of cards won. Total donations, cards found, three-crown wins.
4. Seasons
Highest and season-ending trophies, global rank.
5. Chests
Number of chests opend. Upcoming chests in cycle, including all special chests, e.g. Magical, Giant, Epic, Legendary, Super Magical.
6. Deck
Cards in deck, levels, cards required for upgrades.
7. Shop Offers
Number of days til shop offer: arena, epic, legendary.
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