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6590 / 6590 PB
Arena 18

Card Collection


Commons Commons
86% Lvl 14 Cards
0% Elite Cards
Collected 291,970
Needed 46,438
Max Total 338,408
Upgradeable 18
Bats Bomber Skeletons Ice Spirit Tesla Royal Giant Cannon Archers Elite Barbarians Goblins Royal Delivery Mortar Royal Recruits Skeleton Barrel Rascals Firecracker Skeleton Dragons Electro Spirit
Rares Rares
72% Lvl 14 Cards
0% Elite Cards
Collected 67,109
Needed 24,899
Max Total 92,008
Upgradeable 15
Ice Golem Tombstone Goblin Hut Valkyrie Inferno Tower Barbarian Hut Rocket Elixir Collector Heal Spirit Flying Machine Royal Hogs Earthquake Goblin Cage Elixir Golem Battle Healer
Epics Epics
52% Lvl 14 Cards
0% Elite Cards
Collected 6,660
Needed 6,120
Max Total 12,780
Upgradeable 25
Mirror Bowler X-Bow Executioner Cannon Cart Giant Skeleton Lightning Golem Freeze Rage P.E.K.K.A Dark Prince Guards Clone Tornado Poison Skeleton Army Hunter Barbarian Barrel Goblin Giant Electro Dragon Wall Breakers Electro Giant Goblin Drill Void
Legendaries Legendaries
41% Lvl 14 Cards
0% Elite Cards
Collected 331
Needed 467
Max Total 798
Upgradeable 11
Electro Wizard Bandit The Log Lumberjack Mega Knight Magic Archer Fisherman Graveyard Ram Rider Mother Witch Phoenix
Champions Champions
5% Lvl 14 Cards
0% Elite Cards
Collected 10
Needed 170
Max Total 180
Upgradeable 3
Archer Queen Golden Knight Little Prince
32% Gold Progress til Level 14
0% Elite Level Progress
Gems equiv 100k gold / 4500 gems
Required for available upgrades
Required til max
Max total
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