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Clans & Clan Families

2 clans

The Holzfäller Family is a clan family from germany. The first two clans are active and the third clan was recently created for lower or inactive players. The main clan was originally founded as a class clan in school but has switched leaders once and is now mainly focused on trophies and rank.

7 clans

The #1 U.S. War Clan in history!

U.S. Colosseum Record Holders: 167,550 Our family is comprised of 7 highly competitive and engaging war clans. We take pride in winning, and strive to continuously serve our members as best we can. Our Discord community is unparalleled: constant activity, $$ tournaments, deck help from top-tier players, memes, and more. Apply in-game or via Discord to join us!

3 clans

Started by a sole earthling guy in 2017, the family has been expanding ever since its first interstellar travel up to setting colonies in Neptune, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Planning to conquer the whole SolarSystem and then off to new galaxies!

7 clans

Jedi Legion WANTS YOU! Come join a community of force-wielding lightsaber-slinging Clashers! We are passionate about player development and want YOU to succeed in reaching your goals! Is the Force strong with you? COME FIND OUT!

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