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What makes a GREEK GOD? A player who demonstrates improving skill, honesty and integrity, adaptability, problem-solving, dependability, and loyalty.

We are a PERMANENT home. So if you like the way we run things, great. If not, move along...


English ONLY.

Clans for all skill levels.

Our Clan System is very simple. We are a brotherhood(sisters too). When Leaders feel you are ready to move up to a higher ranked clan, you will be notified. All ranks carry from clan to clan. Our ranks are given to supportive, respectful, reliable, loyal members who have proven themselves over time with consistent exceptional performance as a clanmate. Donations, trading, communication, war practice, advice, support, the list goes on. Everything you would desire from a leader, you will find from leaders here. Becoming a Leader is a great honor here and holds great respect and honor. We are an extremely strong war clan with many simple standards in place to maintain peace, promote growth, and drive success. We have worked so hard to make this community an amazing place for respectable players to call home and grow together. We have an incredible band of brothers(and sisters) and are always welcoming others who would like to take part in this outstanding community.

We are truly unlike other clans you will find.

We don't have drama, we are respectful, we are supportive, we are always improving, our community is truly a home worth investing in. Do you have what it takes to be ALPHA?

🔥NOW RECRUITING🔥 Do you have what it takes?🔥🤔😎 We want to see! Alpha= SKILLFUL, RESPECTFUL, ACTIVE WAR CLAN/MUST PRACTICE🔥
58,574 Trophies | 5,500 Requirement
16,820 Clan War Trophies
20,686 Donations
49 / 50 Members
Top 5
🔥Respectable, Humble, and Supportive members🔥Learning And Growing Together To Become Alpha🔥#alphaclash feeder🔥
53,825 Trophies | 4,900 Requirement
2,928 Clan War Trophies
16,745 Donations
50 / 50 Members
Top 5
🔥Respectable, Humble, & Supportive Members Only🔥 🔥 Learning and Growing Together to Achieve #alpha 🔥 🔥#betaclash feeder🔥
30,911 Trophies | 3,000 Requirement
403 Clan War Trophies
243 Donations
29 / 50 Members
Top 5