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The Beetroot Juice™ family is one of the most recent and fastest growing families in Clash Royale! Since creation, we as a family and individual players have grown immensely and continue to today. We believe that’s the reason why we have come so far. The family is a place for everyone, as our members come from all around the world, from casual to competitive players, old to young, active to very active and so on. We all share a fellow passion for the game, are friendly, always donate, help each other out with the same goal: to always improve our skills and have a great time! *Join the Family. If you got the Juice. *

🛡️BRAND NEW WAR CLAN🛡️since 10/10/18❤️FAMILY❤️miss war or drama->👞💥Discord: jRRqPUG🏆TOP 20 UK🏆TOP 40 cw🏆too low? join BJ2
2,001 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
6,368 Clan War Trophies
0 Donations
1 / 50 Members
Top 5
🛡️Brand new war clan🛡️miss a war or cause drama = 👠, strongest attackers move to Beetroot Juice™ 💪
43,132 Trophies | 4,000 Requirement
2,525 Clan War Trophies
5,350 Donations
48 / 50 Members
Top 5