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Brazilian Competitive Team. OsDeSorte (LuckyOnes): Established on June 21st, 2017, OsDeSorte established its competitive team on December/2017 and reached Top 10 Brazilian Clan Ranking on April/18. We are what the very best is. We are the very best we can do. Luck is the result of intense work and dedication. Love and Passion in everything we do. Excellence archieved with hard work and dedication.

  • whatsapp: +55 11 95399 6856
Pra não ficar dúvida, te adianto: todo beijo que eu te mando é na boca!🍀Sorteios de pass royale!
73,210 Trophies | 7,000 Requirement
3,410 Clan War Trophies
12,760 Donations
48 / 50 Members
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