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In the early days of the Clash Royale soft launch, Daner and friends decided to open the doors to the Reddit Hotel Clan family to everybody. The clan family has grown from a humble Hotel, into a Clan system including Unity, Motel, Hostel and Inn. The momentum hasn't stopped as we develop into one of the leading forces of the Reddit Clan System! As we continue to grow, we open our doors to anybody who is determined and willing to join in the momentum as we aim for the top.

Want to learn more about us? Join our Discord server linked below!

#1 clan family in the RCS 🔷apply @🔷#1 Reddit war clan🔷YNWA 🔷 🔷
59,202 Trophies | 5,000 Requirement
2,880 Clan War Trophies
3,005 Donations
48 / 50 Members
Invite Only
Official feeder for Reddit Hotel Family 🔷 🔷 4.3k 🏆for Hotel 🔹 90 clan war wins
52,245 Trophies | 4,000 Requirement
1,795 Clan War Trophies
1,492 Donations
37 / 50 Members
Invite Only
officlal member of the RCS. Join at Http://🔶Once in, go to invite storage and join the Reddit Hostel Group🔷4600
10,444 Trophies | 3,600 Requirement
2,407 Clan War Trophies
0 Donations
5 / 50 Members
Offical feeder for Reddit Hotel Family 🔷 Family:Hotel/Unity/Motel/Hostel 🔷Closed🔷
2,000 Trophies | 0 Requirement
600 Clan War Trophies
0 Donations
1 / 50 Members
Invite Only
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