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Notorious is a global mobile gaming organisation focused on providing players with a place they can reach their full potential. We treat our members as a family collective, supporting each other in any ventures and endeavours they wish to pursuit. The Notorious family boasts over 50 Clash Royale clans in over 20 regions. Our flagship, international clan is a top 10 finisher, with many of our regional clans finishing top 3 in their respective regions. Our regional clans have a feeder system to help players grow, while still having a home on the way up. We also have a competitive and pro team who frequently represent us in various leagues across the globe. We offer something for everybody, constantly rewarding members for excellent performance in both ladder pushing and competitive play. We do this to ensure all of our family members enjoy being part of the family and #StayNotorious!

Notorious LA
Notorious LATAM branch 🔶 Discord: j5bMZag 🔶🔶 Min 4900 🔰 Torneos diarios 🔶 Siguenos en twitter @ImperioAztecaCR
50,424 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
27,178 Donations
50 / 50 Members
Invite Only
Top 5
Notorious PL
🔸Notorious Polish Branch 🔸Discord: j5bMZa 🔸Turnieje 🔸Ligi 🔸Klan zapewniający rozwój 🔸Zapraszamy!!! 🔸=>PB: 4900+🏆 i 25+🏅
49,915 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
28,783 Donations
47 / 50 Members
Invite Only
Top 5
Website:🔸️Twitter & FB: @NotoriousRoyale🔸Discord: j5bMZaG🔸#StayNotorious🔸Looking for strong war players❤️⚔️
48,818 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
23,850 Donations
43 / 50 Members
Invite Only
Top 5
Notorious RU
⭐Notorious Russia Branch⭐Twitter and FB:@NotoriousRoyale🍹⭐50th➡Notorious RU 2⭐⭐👑P.B. 4900+🏆👑⭐
48,650 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
25,569 Donations
49 / 50 Members
Invite Only
Top 5
Notorious RSA
🔸Notorious South Africa 🔸 🔸Twitter/FB:@NotoriousRoyale 🔸4700PB🏆🔸Discord: j5bMZaG🔸#StayNotorious🇿🇦
47,970 Trophies | 4,600 Requirement
26,646 Donations
46 / 50 Members
Invite Only
Top 5