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The Bogan Family is currently home to 4 eminent clans; Auckland Bogans, Baby Bogans, Majestic Beast and Crystal Flames. Here, there is an opportunity prevailing for every player to learn and grow along side many other avid players. Take part in various inter-clan tournaments hosted by us, get detailed coaching from our top players and take your skills to another level by joining our eSports team, Bogan eSports! Whether you're a casual player, competitive player or anything in-between, there's a space for you in The Bogan Family!

🔱The Bogan Family🔱PB 5700+, Lvl 13+🔱War Weekly 1100+ Active Daily🔱Discord: 23ehpkJ🔱Twitter @BoganEsports code: RoyaleAPI
59,810 Trophies | 5,600 Requirement
2,711 Clan War Trophies
11,272 Donations
50 / 50 Members
🔱The Bogan Family🔱Follow War Rules🔱Level 11+🔱PB:5200+🔱Discord:23ehpkJ🔱
47,175 Trophies | 4,000 Requirement
904 Clan War Trophies
375 Donations
32 / 50 Members
🔱Bogan Family🔱Moved to new clan: Bogan eSports™🔱Join us on Discord: 23ehpkJ or Nhcarr#8246
2,000 Trophies | 0 Requirement
1,243 Clan War Trophies
0 Donations
1 / 50 Members
🔱The Bogan Family🔱Pb5300+, Lvl12+🔱Follow War Rules🔱Apply Through Discord:23ehpkJ🔱Need active war players
56,842 Trophies | 5,300 Requirement
2,130 Clan War Trophies
6,510 Donations
48 / 50 Members
Creator Code Support us with creator code RoyaleAPI
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