We are looking for the best Clash Royale experts of each deck archetype.
Pro players
…and next steps
  • The nomination phase has concluded. Thanks for everyone who has submitted their nominations!
  • We are now in the voting stage.

Who can vote

  • We invite all professional players on our site to vote.
  • Professional players are members in the community who has a player profile with the Professional label on our site.

How to vote

  • Your profile must be verified and linked to your Discord account. If you have played in the RLS, it is already linked!
  • If your profile has not been linked, you can do so on our Discord server.
  • If you need help with registration, write a message in the #support channel on our Discord server.
  • You can only vote once. Votes cannot be edited once you have submitted.
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With Miner, Battle Ram or Ram Rider.
Includes LavaClone, LavaMiner and LavaLoon.
Miner control.
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