RoyaleAPI Ladder Series

Introducing RoyaleAPI Ladder Series (RLS), a fully fledged rated matchmaking system! Progress through the ranks, work your way up the leaderboards, and make a name for yourself in the competitive community.

How do you play?

Battles will take place on our Discord server. You will receive more information once you have joined.

What is special about this series?

  • Tournament-standard levels
  • Does not require visiting a specific clan to play
  • Powered by Royale Rating (RR)

What is Royale Rating (RR)?

Royale Rating (RR), developed by RoyaleAPI, aims to give each player a score related to their skill. The rating system tackles several disadvantage of Elo and is able to quickly hone into an individual’s true skill rating in a short amount of time. Additionally, the system can calculate ratings for individual players even when they participate in multi-player settings, e.g. 2v2 and more.

Visit our dedicated site to learn more about the math behind it.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Team Liquid, TheMobileMatt, Megha, and Nasty Nate for sponsoring and partnering with us in our past events.

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