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Summer (2021 Q2) Game Client Update (Season 24)

June 4, 2021 · 8 min read

This post comes in 3 parts: 1. 2021 Q2 Balance Changes 2. 2021 Q2 Game Client Update 3. Season 24 Content Video Sneak Peek Check out [...]

update client update

This post comes in 3 parts:

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update

Table of Contents

Video Sneak Peek

Check out our video covering all of the seasonal content as well as the new features in the Game Client Update!

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Clan Wars 2

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

With this update, Clan Wars are getting some changes to address the main concerns that players have voiced.

War Day start times won't be as relevant as before — now progress through each day will be aggregated and only added to your boat at the end of each day.

New weekly schedule for the races and more relevance of clan boat defenses.

Weekly schedule

  • Training days: add defenses and earn gold
  • Battle days: attack boats, earn gold and clan medals

Daily boat movement

  • After each battle day, clans are ranked based on medals and earn movement points based on their rank See Rank - Movement Table
  • Remaining defenses give bonus movement points

The boat wins the race when it reaches 10,000 movement points.

The week by week schedule remains the same, with river races each week except for the last of the season, Colosseum Week, which has colosseum battles.

Battle Reward

Every clan war battle type now produces Medals — which was previously known as Fame. Duels give the most fame, followed by PvP (1v1) battles. Boat Battles give the least amount of medals, with each win giving the same amount of Medals as a loss in other game modes.

Battle Type Win Loss
Duel 250 100
Colosseum Duel 250 100
PvP 200 100
Boat Battle 100 75

Rank - Movement Table

Rank Movement
1st 3000
2nd 1800
3rd 1000
4th 600
5th 400

Gold Crates

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

There are 3 types of gold crates:

  • Gold Crate (3 hours to unlock)
  • Plentiful Gold Crate (8 hours to unlock)
  • Overflowing Gold Crate (12 hours to unlock)

These crates don’t contain cards, they only give gold after being unlocked. Based on the arena you are when you find them, they give different amount of gold.

Gold crates are added to the Chest Cycle, replacing Silver and Gold Chests for players who are level 11 or higher, as they need large amounts of gold to upgrade cards. For each level the chest cycle will now have:

Chest Cycle

King Level 1 to 10 will use the same old Chest Cycle which consists of 240 chests. King Level 11, 12 and 13 will have different chest cycles, with different amount of gold crates depending on the player’s King Level. A detailed breakdown for each change is provided below.

Additionally, three special chests have their own separate 500-chests cycle. These include:

  • Epic Chest
  • Legendary Chest
  • Mega Lightning Chest

King Level 11

Level 11 has 235 chests and crates in their chest cycle
Level 11 Before After
Silver Chest 180 168
Golden Chest 52 50
Giant Chest 4 4
Magical Chest 4 4
Gold Crate 4
Plentiful Gold Crate 3
Overflowing Gold Crate 2
Total 240 235

King Level 12

Level 12 has 232 chests and crates in their chest cycle
Level 12 Before After
Silver Chest 180 162
Golden Chest 52 47
Giant Chest 4 4
Magical Chest 4 4
Gold Crate 7
Plentiful Gold Crate 5
Overflowing Gold Crate 3
Total 240 232

King Level 13

Level 13 has 229 chests and crate in their chest cycle
Level 13 Before After
Silver Chest 180 153
Golden Chest 52 44
Giant Chest 4 4
Magical Chest 4 4
Gold Crate 12
Plentiful Gold Crate 8
Overflowing Gold Crate 4
Total 240 229

Unlock Times

Chest Hours
Silver Chest 3
Golden Chest 8
Giant Chest 12
Magical Chest 12
Gold Crate 3
Plentiful Gold Crate 8
Overflowing Gold Crate 12
Epic Chest 12
Mega Lightning Chest 24
Legendary Chest 24

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Card unlocks shuffle

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

Rascal’s Hideout (4200 trophies) and Serenity Peak (4600 trophies) are the two new arenas that have been added to the ladder progression.

Both will be placed before the now higher Legendary League, and as all arenas, they should have cards that players can unlock when they reach them.

Instead of adding several new cards to the game, card unlocks are going to be shuffled around. Cards that were previously unlocked in lower arenas will now be assigned to the new ones.

Pass Royale rewards

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

The 2021 Q2 update introduces a very relevant change to the accessibility of Pass Royale rewards. Each of the tiers in the pass will require either 5 or 10 crowns to complete, instead of 10 for every tier. This has reduced the total amount of crowns needed in the full season from 350 to 200.

This change is meant to help all kinds of players get their rewards more easily, but don’t worry, the rewards will be the same as before.

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

The only change in reward value was an improvement of the Bonus Bank that's available with the paid Pass Royale. The maximum amount of gold that it can hold has been increased from 10K to 25K.

As every season, the rewards of the free and paid tiers of Pass Royale have been updated. In Season 24, the free tier will include a Rare Magic Book!

Trophy Balance

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

Towards the end of 2020 we saw the first change to the Trophy Economy in a long time. It tried to address an undesired inflation of trophies.

What was meant to improve matchmaking and player progression in the Legendary Arena quickly turned into players feeling stuck in unusually low trophy ranges.

These downsides were voiced in several community forums by many upset players, and two months later Supercell decided to revert the changes for clashers above 4000 trophies.

A new attempt

With the 2021 Q2 update, Supercell is going to take a different approach to improve the player progression issues that raised concerns in 2020.

With the addition of the 2 new arenas, the 4000 trophy floor is going to be removed. Instead, there will be three new trophy floors that will prevent players from dropping under certain trophies:

  • 4200
  • 4600
  • 5000

Players in the Legendary Arena (now above 5000 trophies) will have their trophy loss protections reduced. The first leagues above the 4000 trophy floor had strong loss reductions to make this floor feel more subtle, and will now be almost fully removed:

League Previous loss New loss
L1 Challenger I 25 80
L2 Challenger II 40 90
L3 Challenger III 60 90
L4 Master I 75 100
L5 Master II 80 100
L6 Master III 90 100
L7 Champion 100 100
L8 Grand Champion 100 100
L9 Royal Champion 100 100
L10 Ultimate Champion 100 100

To balance this trophy reduction and avoid the same issues that we saw in 2020, trophy resets will now take away less trophies than they did before. Instead of a consistent 50% reduction for all leagues, the highest leagues will let players keep a larger proportion of their trophies:

League Previous reset New reset
L1 Challenger I 50% 50%
L2 Challenger II 50% 50%
L3 Challenger III 50% 50%
L4 Master I 50% 40%
L5 Master II 50% 40%
L6 Master III 50% 40%
L7 Champion 50% 30%
L8 Grand Champion 50% 30%
L9 Royal Champion 50% 30%
L10 Ultimate Champion 50% 30%

As a summary, the Trophy Economy will soon go through very drastic changes, and it’s not easy to predict what the outcome will be. For now, we can just look at the factors and guess which role they will each play:

  • 4000 trophy floor reduction: less trophies
  • 3 new trophy floors: more trophies
  • Reduction in trophy loss protection: less trophies
  • Reduction of trophy resets: more trophies

What do you think about these changes? Will it now be easier to reach your new Personal Best?

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New Card: Goblin Drill

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)
  • 4 Elixir-cost Epic Building
  • Burrows underground and appear anywhere in the Arena to spawn Goblis until the building is destroyed
  • Think of it as a Goblin Hut that has similar mechanic as the Miner!
  • Lifetime: 9 seconds
  • Spawns a Goblin every 3 seconds (3 Goblins total)
  • At death, spawns another 3 Goblins
  • Inflicts small damage with a pushback when it comes out of the ground
  • Unlocks in Special Challenges throughout Season 24
  • Unlocks in Arena 13+ chests starting in Season 25
Goblin Drill Stats - Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

Goblin Drill Stats

Rarity Epic
Elixir 4
Spawn 1 Goblin per Spawn
Spawn Speed 3 sec
Lifetime 9 sec
Death Spawn 3 Goblins
Deploy Time 1.0 sec
Sight Range 2
Drill Radius 2
Drill Pushback 1

Goblin Drill Stats per Level

Level Hitpoints Spawn Damage Tower Spawn Damge
6 900 51 16
7 990 56 17
8 1089 61 19
9 (Tournament) 1197 67 21
10 1314 74 23
11 1440 81 25
12 1584 89 27
13 (Max) 1737 98 30
14 (Mirror) 1908 108 33

Goblin Drill Stats Summary

The Goblin Drill is an Epic Building that has a 4-Elixir cost. You can deploy it anywhere in the Arena. It works similarly like Miner except its travel speed is a bit slower. When it comes out from the ground, it deals a small pushback (1 tile) and a small amount of damage to troops (67 at Level 9) while dealing 30% of its damage if it hits a tower (21 at tourney-standard). After coming out of the ground, it spawns a Goblin every 3 seconds. After 9 seconds, the building self-implodes and spawns 3 more Goblins at death. This means that the Goblin Drill can spawn a total of 6 Goblins maximum.

More Deck Slots

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

Out of space to store decks? Once the update hits, players who are at least King Level 8 will get 10 deck slots!

Replay Rewind

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

Wish you could rewind while watching replays? Forward and backward buttons are added!

Random Tower Skin Selector

Clash Royale 2021 Q2 Update (Season 24)

There’ll be an option for you to go to battle with a Random Tower Skin toggle — and you get to select the skins that you do want to include in the toggle.

Other Changes

  • Victory Gold will scale up to Arena 14.
  • Legendary League now reaches 8000.
  • Chest scales up to Arena 15.
  • Trophy Road rewards above 5000 trophies will be more frequent and will be all wild cards!
  • Friendly Battles will have 15 game modes that will always be available

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 50+ members in war bug
  • Fixed Magic Coin and trades bug
  • Fixed drop glitch
  • Players can now spectate SCID friends
  • Fixed various bugs related to Fisherman
  • Bandit’s dash will no longer continue after the timer reaches zeo
  • Strike icon from Pass Royale has been removed
  • Fixed missing Mirror deployment animation
  • Localization fixes / updates
  • UI improvements
  • Minor fixes / improvements

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update client update

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