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Season 34 Mighty Mine (April 2022, Q1 Update)

March 29, 2022 · 8 min read

New Champion Mighty Miner, Card Mastery badges and seasonal content.

client update update season
Clash Royale Season 34 Mighty Mine

It’s game update time! As promised in previous year, Clash Royale will be getting a game update every quarter — and that time is now. Season 34 will coincide with the quarterly update.

The focus for this update will lay the foundations for future updates. Specifically, Supercell wishes to provide an alternative way for players to progress, and provide a fun and rewarding way for players to try more decks instead of one-tricking the same deck they have played since they have installed the game.

So what‘s in this update?

  • New Champion Mighty Miner
  • Reworked badge system
  • Card Mastery
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

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Video Preview

Our video serves as a great introduction to everything you’ll see in the upcoming season. Check it out first before reading!

📺 Watch on YouTube

Mighty Miner - New Card

A new Champion card will come with this update — Mighty Miner!

Mighty Miner

Unlike Miner, Mighty Miner isn’t able to burrow under ground at the start of the battle, so you must deploy on your side of the arena only. His main weapon is a Drill that increases damage output over time — similar to how Inferno Tower behaves.

While effective against single targets, he is weak against swarm units since he can only target one troop at a time. However, once deployed, you can use his Explosive Escape ability (2 elixir) and drill to the other side of the arena while dropping a bomb where he once stood. This allows him to perform a quick escape and switch lanes for further attacks — creating possibilities for many surprise attacks!

Reworked Badge System

Some badges will have 8 levels. Some will have 10 levels. The system is intentionally flexible by design, making it possible to add more levels where needed.

Minor issue with the Ladder / GT Badge

As part of this rework, the “three best finishes” will be removed and be replaced by a single badge which shows the number of times a player has been in Top-1000 Ladder or Top-1000 GT. While some would enjoy this change, I am slightly concerned that some players may find this change to be an upgrade.

To be clear, Mohamed Light’s perfect 111/111 profile will become Top Ladder x3 after the update, with the ranks removed from the UI.

I hope that Supercell will find a way to re-implement these as seeing specific top ranks are in fact much more impressive to me than seeing someone with 100x Top 1k finish.

Card Mastery

New in this update is Card Mastery. As the name implies, it is an achievement system that evaluate and reward players for playing specific cards.

Tasks will be given for each card, with example tasks like dealing X amount of damage to unlock a tier. As you unlock each level, you will be given a small amount of Gems or Gold as reward, together with a badge on your player profile.

When the update is live, every player will start their Card Mastery progression at 0. At launch, only 2 types of tasks are available. However, a third type of tasks will be available at a later date.


Type Nature of Task Example
Unlock Play the card Play Firecracker 5 times
Task 1 Always making progress with the card, but progress faster if played well Deal 185k total damage with Firecracker
Task 2 Receive decent value from the card in order to make significant progress Hit units / towers 5600 times with Firecracker
Task 3 Only make progress when generating significant value with a single play of a card Fire 6 or more shots with a single Firecracker 100 times

Task 1 Rewards

Rarity 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier
Common 200 cards 2000 Gold 150 Gems
Rare 100 cards 4000 Gold 150 Gems
Epic 20 cards 6000 Gold 150 Gems
Legendary 2 cards 8000 Gold 150 Gems
Champion 1 card 10000 Gold 150 Gems


Rarity Cards Gold Gems
Common 28 56000 4200
Rare 28 112000 4200
Epic 29 174000 4350
Legendary 18 144000 2700
Champion 4 40000 600
Total 107 526000 16050

Type 2 Rewards

Rarity 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier
Common 3000 Gold x200 300 Gems
Rare 6000 Gold x100 300 Gems
Epic 9000 Gold x20 300 Gems
Legendary 12000 Gold x2 300 Gems
Champion 15000 Gold 300 Gems 450 Gems
Rarity Cards Gold Gems
Common 28 84000 8400
Rare 28 168000 8400
Epic 29 261000 8700
Legendary 18 216000 5400
Champion 4 60000 3000
Total 107 789000 33900


Type Cards Gold Gems
Type 1 107 526,000 16,050
Type 2 107 789,000 33,900
Total 107 1,315,000 49,950

Total in USD

We’ve done the math — the total value of all the rewards is about 488 USD!

Rarity Common Rare Epic Legendary Champion Total
Count 28 28 29 18 4 107
WCs / card 400 200 40 4 0 644
Gold / card 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 75,000
Gems / card 450 450 450 450 900 2,700
WCs 11,200 5,600 1,160 72 0 18,032
Gold 140,000 280,000 435,000 360,000 100,000 1,315,000
Gems 12,600 12,600 13,050 8,100 3,600 49,950
WCs in USD 2 10 21 51 0 84
Gold in USD 5 10 16 13 4 47
Gems in USD 90 90 93 58 26 357
Total USD 97 110 129 122 29 488

Qualify of Life

The 2022 Q1 Update will have lots of quality-of-life improvements!

Hide Crown Counter / Trophies

Player have long complained about the crown counter on the sides of the UI. This counter will now vanish after X seconds at the start of the battle and appears again only when a crown is taken.

Permanent 1v1 Showdown

Previously known as the “Practice party mode”, the 1v1 Showdown mode will be here to stay forever. In this party mode, you will play with your own card levels, and you can earn chests when you win — but your trophies won’t change whether you win or lose.

Copy deck from challenges

It’s finally here — you can now copy decks from deck slots to play in challenges!

Bandit Bug Fix

Bandit dash is fixed!

Fisherman Bug Fix

Fisherman sometimes get stuck in the middle of the battle field. It’s now fixed.

120Hz Mode

You can now toggle for 120Hz mode if your device supports it

Lightning Area of Effect

Similar to all other spells in the game, Lightning will now have its visual area of effect. 🚨 This means that you won’t be able to cast an “invisible lightning” at the bridge to cycle cards in the beginning of the battle anymore. After the update, this will show up in the arena and your opponent will know that you have just wasted 6 elixir!

Other improvements

Here’s a list of minor bug fixes and improvements implemented in the 2022 Q1 update (verbatim from patch notes):

  • Fixed an issue with Golden Knight not dashing properly while targeting a moving unit.
  • Fixed an issue where cloning Skeleton King during his ability animation would cancel the ability.
  • Fixed a rare crash when players in lower arenas are using strikes on their chest rewards.
  • Fix deploy SFX for Electro Giant and Mother Witch.
  • Fixed a rare crash when Electro-Giant received certain types of damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Electro-Giant’s zap damage behaving inconsistently.
  • Fixed an issue where units could sometimes ignore the pull effect of Tornado.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Mega Deck modes.
  • Fixed issues with name creation/changes that could cause the player to disconnect.
  • Fixed issues when viewing clan mates’ cards in the clan chat.
  • Fixed a stats rounding issue with the Skeleton King’s summoned skeletons.
  • Fixed a number of rare crash occurrences.
  • Numerous back-end improvements and optimizations.

Season 34: Arena

We’re getting a brand new arena to coincide with the game client update and Mighty Miner launch — the Mighty Mine Arena!

Clash Royale Season 32 Arena

Season 34: Tower Skins

There are two tower skins for this season.

Mighty Miner Tower Skin

Clash Royale Season 34 Arena

The Mighty Miner Tower Skin will be available to Pass Royale owners for the April season.

Clash Royale Season 34 Arena
Tower Icon Mighty Miner tower skin set. Pass Royale at Tier 10.
King Tower Mighty Miner King Tower.
Princess Tower Mighty Miner Princess Tower.

Mine Cart Tower Skin

Clash Royale Season 34 Arena

Also called the Gem Mine Tower Skin, this tower skin will be available at the shop.

Clash Royale Season 34 Arena
Tower Icon Mine Cart tower skin set. Shop.
King Tower Mine Cart King Tower.
Princess Tower Mine Cart Princess Tower.

Season 34: Emotes

There will be five emotes this season. 😱 Ok… technically there are 4, because one of them was a prize for players who participated in the Royale Crown Down event. But since we have never written about that emote, we will include that here.

Mighty Miner Almighty

This is also known as the Mighty Miner Drill emote. Unlocked at the Mighty Miner Launch Party (Challenge).

Mighty Miner Bomb

Also known as the Mighty Miner Explosive Goodbye emote, this emote shows the Mighty Miner saying goodbye and dropping a bomb in his place. It‘s adorable!

Pass Royale at Tier 20.

Miner Buried

More Miner emotes — this emote shows the Miner digging through the dirt until he is completely buried.

In-App Purchase / Shop.

Miner Shovel

This emote shows the shovel used by the Miner, with flowers in his path. Mining for Gold Challenge.

Royal Giant Gorgeous

Here’s the emote that’s technically for Season 33 for the Royale Crown Down event — it’s an emote showing Royal Giant tidying up his hair and face for an event.

Season 34: Free Magic Item

An Epic Book of Cards at Tier 35 on the free track of Pass Royale.

Season 34: Boosted Cards

Two cards will be boosted.


Mighty Miner

This is the first Champion card that will be boosted upon launch!

Season 34: Challenges and Global Tournaments

Date Name
 Launch Mighty Miner Launch Party
 Apr 7-13 Mighty Miner Draft for Gems
 Apr 13-16 Global Tournament
 Apr 16-21 Mega Deck Challenge
 Apr 22-27 Miner’s Mine for Gold
 Apr 24 Global Tournament - Ramp Up
 Apr 28 - May 1 x2 Elixir Draft Challenge

Season 34: Party Modes

April 1st: Everything is normal

April 1st is just a normal day in the life of Clash Royale and should be of nothing of interest for any for you…

Active in Party mode from April 1-3.

 2v2 Touchdown Draft
 Ramp Up
 Elixir x3

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