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Season 15 - Balance changes, seasonal content and more!

September 6, 2020 · 3 min read

Season 15: Set Sail for War Season starts on Monday, September 7th, 2020. Tower Skin There’s not one but TWO tower skins for this [...]

update balance season

Season 15: Set Sail for War

Clash Royale Season 15 Prepare for War - Colossal Castle Tower Skin

Season starts on Monday, September 7th, 2020.

Tower Skin

There’s not one but TWO tower skins for this season!

  • Colossal Castle tower skin. Pass Royale at Tier 5.
  • Clan Boat Bastion tower skin. FREE for everyone on the free side of Pass Royale at Tier 10

Clash Royale Season 15 Prepare for War


  • He’ll Be Back (Goblin Thumbs Up). Pass Royale
  • Guard with Crown. FREE: Lost and Crowned promo for Clash Short Animation (Guard) available in the Shop
  • Golem with Boat. First ever Golem emote!
  • Goblin Top Hat Dance. From the Lost and Crowned animation.

Boosted Card

  • Guards

Emotes in Action

Boat Arena

In Season 15, players will battle in the Fisherman’s Float arena, originally introduced in Season 1.

Clash Royale Season 15 Prepare for War Legendary Arena

Balance Changes

Balance Changes - Clash Royale Season 15, September 2020

Balances will be live on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Discuss on Reddit

Heal Spirit (Nerf)

Before After
Heal Radius -12.5% 4 3.5
Heal Area -23% 50 38.5
  • Heal Spirit has been dominating in challenges and on ladder.
  • Decreasing its heal radius (a -23% area decrease) will decrease the amount of troops it can heal, while being able to perform its primary function of keeping troops alive.
  • Overall, this should keep its value in-check for this single-elixir card.

Zappies (Buff)

Before After
First Hit +18% faster 1.1 sec 0.9 sec
  • Zappies’ use rate did not increase a lot after their most recent buff in Season 13.
  • Increasing their First Hit will allow them to deal with enemies more quickly.

Bomber (Buff)

Before After
Hit Time +5% faster 1.9 sec 1.8 sec
DPS +5% 142 150
  • Bomber’s usage rate remains to be low on Ladder and challenges.
  • The Clash Royale balance team has decided to give this bomb-throwing skeleton a nudge.

Fire Spirits (Buff)

Before After
Radius +13% 1.5 1.7
Area +28% 7 9
  • While some players love these warm and adorable spirits, they don’t get as much love from the entire community.
  • They are one of the least used cards in challenges.
  • By increasing their damage area radius, the balance team hopes that players will use them more often.
  • Buffing Fire Spirits means that Furnace is also getting a buff indirectly.

What do you think about these changes? Share your thoughts with us!

Supercell Creators Tournament

Supercell Creators Clan Wars 2 Tournament - Clash Royale

Supercell has organized a tournament for content creators that everyone can participate in. Check out our blog post to read more about it!

Optional Update

An Optional Update will be released next week on Tuesday (Sept 8) or Wednesday (Sept 9). This list is provided to us by Supercell and is not yet final. The optional update will address the following:

  • Tapping “Clan” button should switch between war and chat views
  • Chat message text is too small
  • Player can enter 2v2 without a full deck
  • When testing boat defenses the units spawned are always L9
  • Boat Battle Defeat end screen is missing Fame points
  • Testing defenses when your defenses have been destroyed does not use the correct towers
  • Quest Queue Button order changed. Unlock Now (with gems) button is now on left.
  • Clan cannot be set to “Invite Only”
  • Trying to attack other boats when repairing or your boat has no defenses, or your clan finished the race shows “Matchmaking Failed”
  • Friend button overlaps in Tencent build
  • There is no tip when player authorize success or failed when login with QQ.
  • Unlocking a new card from the trader does not show in the card collection until restarting
  • Can exceed boat defense max capacity by tapping save at the same time on two accounts
  • No feedback animation shown when defense is destroyed
  • Fixed player info screen trying to go into an inbox view on non-local players, if the local player has something new in their local inbox.
  • Client crashes if it restarts when there's a CW2 tutorial with the pointing finger visible.
  • Text fixes & localisation updates
  • Lots of other crash fixes

Future Sneak Peeks

That’s all the information we have about Season 15! Make sure you are following us on Twitter @RoyaleAPI if you want to hear about future Clash Royale sneak peeks first!


update balance season

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