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The Guardians family is made up of 3 trophy-pushing clans and 1 clan dedicated to our competitive team players. Our main clan, GuardiansGaming, is consistently in Mexico’s top 200 clans. We enjoy having prized tournaments for our players every once in a while.

Organización de deportes electrónicos🎯[email protected]🎯 Whats Group🎯1500pts de guerra minimos🎯
60,308 Trophies | 5,000 Requirement
1,680 Clan War Trophies
1,304 Donations
40 / 50 Members
******** @GuardiansGM⚡Familia ****************************************************** donadas x semana⚡activo en guerra⚡respeto⚡
56,625 Trophies | 5,000 Requirement
1,631 Clan War Trophies
1,306 Donations
49 / 50 Members
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