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December Q4 2022 Update

December 11, 2022 · 8 min read

New ways to manage emote collections, card boost magic items, and more.

update client update

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Clash Royale Q4 (December 2022) Update is a small update focusing mostly on quality-of-life changes. Highlights include the new and very helpful emote management, card boost potions, the return of local leaderboards, Rage and Lumberjack rework balance, and a bug fix for battle replays.

When will the Q4 update come out? It will drop on Monday, December 12th, 2022!

Table of Contents

Player Leaderboards

The October update added Path of Legends, the new ranked mode. With that, the local leaderboards were removed. They will come back in the December update, and you’ll be able to see how you fare amongst other players at your location.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Clan Leaderboards

Global and local clan leaderboards will now have a toggle to switch between Trophies and Ultimate Champion Ratings.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Clan Score + Clan Rating

In the Clan Info panel, trophies will be known as “Clan Score” and members’ Ultimate Champion League ratings will be collectively known as “Clan Legend Score” or “Clan Rating”.

Both scores will be calculated using the existing formula:

  • 50% of the top 10 players (1-10)
  • 25% of next 10 highest (11-20)
  • 12% of next 10 highest (21-30)
  • 10% of next 10 highest (31-40)
  • 3% of the 10 lowest (41-50)

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Clan Member Leaderboard

Members in the clan info screen will be sorted depending on if they are in Ultimate Champion (League 10). If they are in League 10 and thus have a UC rating, then they will be sorted according to their UC rating. If they have not reached Ultimate Champion yet, then they will be sorted according to their trophies on Trophy Road. If two members have the same trophies, then their Path of Legends League will be used as the tiebreaker.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

League icons have been added to indicate each member’s current Path of Legends league. League 10 members will have their UC rating displayed instead of their Trophy Road trophies.

Note: it’s not possible to sort by other leagues, and it’s not possible to sort by trophies only. Inside the clan, the members leaderboard will always be displayed in this mixed mode.

Friends List

Similar to the clan member leaderboard, friends on your friends list are always sorted in this order:

  • Players in Ultimate Champion, sorted by their Rating.
  • Players who are not in Ultimate Champion, sorted by their Trophy Road Trophies. If there’s a tie, then their PoL league will be used as tiebreaker.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Boosted Cards

Seasonal Card Boosts UI will get a fresh coat of paint. Instead of having each card taking up the whole width of the screen, they will now be collected inside their own panel.

This save lots of vertical space and give you a much better glance of all the cards that are being boosted.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Emote Collection Management

This update introduces better ways to organize and find your emotes. You’ll be able to sort your emote collection by type, oldest or newest.

Newest and oldest are self-explanatory. They sort by chronological or reverse-chronological order.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Emote Collection by Type

Sorting by type will group all the emotes in meaningful categories. For example, all the King emotes will be shown first, followed by Goblins, Princess, Giant, etc.

This would be a god-send for people with lots of emotes. I have 267 emotes right now and I have a hard time finding my emotes. 😅

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Emote Collection: Favorites

In addition to sorting emotes, you’ll be able to add any number of emotes as your favorites. Favorites show up at the top of the collection in their own panel. This allows you to get to them easily even when they’re not in your emote deck. 🥰

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Battle Emotes: Favorites

Your emote deck will still be displayed first during battle. But when you hit the More icon to look at the rest of your emotes, your favorite emotes will always be displayed first, followed by the rest of your other emotes.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Emote Wishlist

It will be possible to add an emote that you don’t own to your favorites. When you do this, the game will consider this emote as part of your emote “wishlist,” and will send you a notification when they show up at the shop. 🥳

Card Boost Potion (New Magic Item)

The Q4 Update will introduce a new Magic Item called Card Boost Potion. This potion will temporarily boost one of your cards to your Tower Level for one hour, and you can use it in any game modes.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

How it works

When you use the Card Boost Potion, the game will ask you which card you’d like to apply the potion. You can only apply it on cards that are lower than your Tower Level. Your boosted cards are indicated in your Card Collection.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Additional Info

Here are some more important info about the Card Boost Potion:

  • Boost Duration: 1 hour
  • Maximum Inventory Limit: 8
  • Overflow: 500 Gold
  • All game modes

Where to find this potion:

  • Daily Tasks
  • Pass Royale
  • Path of Legends
  • Challenges
  • Shop

Clan Gift

You will now be able to buy Clan Gifts that contain either Gold or Gem to people inside your clan. It works in a similar way as the Gold gifts from Pass Royale right now. When you buy a clan gift, the player who made the purchase will get a separate reward for himself in addition to the gifts for the clan.

Clash Royale December 2022 Q4 Update

Additional Info

Here are a few additional rules about this new shop item:

  • You must be inside a clan when you make the purchase.
  • The gifts will show up in the clan you are in. In other words, you can’t buy gifts in Clan A and send them to Clan B. If you’re inside Clan A then the gifts will show up in Clan A only.
  • If you bought Clan Gifts but then got kicked out from the clan, your Clan Gifts will be removed as well.
    • Members who have collected your gifts before you were kicked out of the clan will keep their collected gifts — just that no one would be able to collect any more of it.
    • The same behavior applies if you leave the clan. In order for people to collect your gifts, you’ll have to stay in the same clan when you’ve purchased the gift.
  • Unclaimed gifts will stay at the bottom of the chat until they are all claimed.

Balance Changes

As mentioned in the Balance Changes for Season 42, the change for Rage and Lumberjack will be released with this update. Here are those changes again as a reminder.

Rage (Rework)

Rage is the last remaining unit that scales its duration with each level. Like the original Freeze which also scaled duration per level (but which doesn’t anymore), it has turned into a really strong card at Ladder levels — especially after Level 14 was introduced.

After this rework, Rage will give a fixed duration and become 6 seconds long for all levels. It will also have a much smaller radius than right now (from 5 to 3). To compensate for this change, Rage will gain a small damage similar to Zap and Giant Snowball.


  • Will Rage damage air units? Yes.
  • Will Rage damage troops over time or will it be instant? Damage will be applied instantly, similar to the Damage dealt by Freeze.

Before After
Radius -40% 5 3
Area -64% 79 28
Duration Variable 6 sec
Damage 0 120
Damage Level 11 0 192
Damage Level 14 0 254

Goblin stats are included here for comparison. They will not receive any balance changes.

Before After
HP 0.0% 79 79
HP Level 11 202 202
HP Level 14 267 267

Best Decks with Rage

Lumberjack (Rework)

Lumberjack will also be reworked because of the Rage rework.

Best Decks with Lumberjack

Bug Fixes

A few bugs that affected the 2022 Q3 update had been addressed:

Battle Replay

The battle replays were played at the wrong levels in the Q3 update, which often affected outcomes. These were fixed in the Q4 update. Specifically, there were two types of incorrect replays that were addressed:

  • Path of Legends battles were replayed at max Level 11.
  • Tournament and challenge battles were replayed at max Level 6.

Daily Tasks

Tasks that a player cannot complete will no longer show up.

  • Request cards not prompted if unavailable
  • Play a challenge not prompted if unavailable

Misc Issues

  • Training camp issue. In Training Camp, the king level of your opponent is supposed to correspond to the player’s king level. But the Q3 update used a king level that’s well below the player’s. For example, if you have a Level 14 tower, the Trainer currently uses a Level 6 Tower. This will be fixed in the Q4 update. Special thanks to reaper for the comment.
  • Android News Royale feed fix. For some Android phones, News Royale gives a blank screen and no news items are displayed in the Q3 update. The Q4 update will fix this issue. Shout out to Chewie for providing this info.


What do you think about this update? Are there other quality-of-life changes you would like to see? Let us know if the comments below and we will forward your thoughtful ideas to Supercell.


Some of these are highly technical… but they get asked a lot so here they are. 🤓

What is Q4?

Q is short for Quarter, which is one fourth of something. When used in a business context, quarter refers to one fourth of a year. For most businesses, Q1 is January / February / March, and Q4 is October / November / December. Some companies choose to align their quarters for their tax years — for those companies, they consider Q4 as December / January / February.

Why is this called the Q4 Update?

Clash Royale made a commitment a couple of years ago to release a new client update every quarter. These updates are named differently for marketing purposes — usually highlighting an important feature or the month they released it. But internally they are referenced by their quarter number. For example:

  • 2022 Q4: December update
  • 2022 Q3: Path of Legends update
  • 2022 Q2: Summer update / Battle banners update
  • 2022 Q1: Card Mastery update

We choose to keep these technical identifiers because it’s easier to reference. It‘s also easier to look up and setup expectations — you know that there will be exactly 4 client updates every year. Look up Blog Tags: Client Update if you want to see a quick summary of what was previously released.

What is a Client Update?

A client is the technical term for the game — i.e. the app. A client update means that you must update the game through the App Store. This is in contrast to other game updates, e.g. Balance Changes, where you don’t need to download a new client (app), and the updates simply get applied from the servers.

We keep these technical terms because “game update” can refer to anything — seasonal changes can be considered game updates even though by themselves they don’t introduce new features and functionalities.

Will RoyaleAPI add the local leaderboards also?

This depends on when Supercell adds the local leaderboards to the API. We get our data from Supercell, and in order for us to display these information, they also have to add new endpoints, which is a URL that exposes the data. We will add them as soon as they are available!

When will RoyaleAPI add the previous season finish from Path of Legends?

Same as above. This depends on Supercell to make the data available. We can’t display information that’s not available, even when you can see them in the game. We keep a list of outstanding items and known issues at RoyaleAPI Help if you wish to keep track of ongoing development.

TV Royale

Clash Royale posted a bite-sized TV Royale for this update about some of the highlights:


update client update

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