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Summer Update (June 2022, Q2 Update)

June 24, 2022 · 10 min read

Battle banners, revamped player profile and more!

client update season
Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update

For the Summer Update, Supercell wanted to provide more ways for players to express themselves and to broaden the cosmetic offers in the game.

The primary goal is to add additional reward options to the game that are independent of the progression economy.

This new game client update will come very soon. How soon? We can’t tell you the exact date and time but it should appear before the new season starts. Now… onwards to the cool stuff!

Table of Contents

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Video Preview

Our video serves as a great introduction to everything you’ll see in this update. Check it out first before reading!

📺 Watch on YouTube

Battle Banners

Introducing Battle Banners — highly customizable cosmetic items that will show on the new player profiles, as well as serving in the splash screen before each and every 1v1 battle (except duels and boat battles).


Battle Banners are made up with 3 elements:

  • Frame. This is the background element.
  • Decoration. This is the foreground element.
  • Badges. Players can select any three of their badges they have unlocked.
Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update

Battle Banner Editor

You can use the built-in Battle Banner Editor, accessible from your player profile, to customize your battle banner in any way you want. A uniquely yours battle banner can be created by mixing and matching the three different elements (frame, decoration and badges) that you own.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update

So how do you earn these elements? Once you’ve reached King Level 4, you’ll be able to access the Banner Box from your home screen.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update

Each Banner Box will unlock either a Frame or a Decoration.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update
Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update


There will be a limited selection of about 16 banner items available for each season. These consist of Banner Frames and Banner Decorations.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update

The different items in the box are grouped by the chance of getting them. The game does not call them Rarity, perhaps so as not to confuse players with card rarities, but they are similar in theory — some items have a higher chance to be awarded than others. At launch, the categories are High Chance (aka Common), Rare, and Extremely Rare. These categories can change over the seasons, but they all reference the probability of what’s rewarded.

To unlock a Banner Box, you need Banner Tokens. Banner Tokens are a new type of currency. By collecting 100 of them, you’d be able to unlock one Banner Box and collect one item inside. In other words, each box costs 100 Banner Tokens to unlock.

When the update is live, players will be given 100 banner tokens to spend immediately, together with 6 Banner Items: 3 decorations and 3 frames. You can collect more of these tokens from the newest sets of Card Mastery and future challenges.

You can hold up to 200 Banner Tokens at any time. If you reach the inventory limit, then the game will force you to spend your tokens before collecting more. On the rare occasion that your inventory is full but there are no more banner items to collect, they can go beyond the inventory limit.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update

Gem Unlock Costs

Alternatively, you can unlock banner boxes using Gems, but the gem price will go up with every purchase. The first box will cost 50 gems, the second for 100 gems, and the third will cost 150, etc. To put things into perspective, if you don’t earn banner tokens and try to buy all 16 items with gems, it would cost 6800 gems.

In contrast, Banner Token price will always stay the same (100).

The gem costs will reset every season. So when there are a new set of banner items available at the next season, the gems costs will reset to 50 gems for the first item again.

For the mathematically inclined, if you don’t earn banner tokens and try to buy all 16 items with gems, it would cost 6800 gems. Details:

50 x 16 + 50 x 15 + 50 x 14 + … 50
= 50 (16 + 15 + 14 + … 1)
= 50 x (16 x (16+1) / 2)
= 6800 

Player Profile Redesign

Player profile is getting a complete redesign in this update!

Name / Main

Your customized banner box takes center stage on the new profile. Not only can you showcase your rare collection, you’d be able to showcase three of your favorite badges. Use the edit button to open the Banner Box Editor.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign

Below the banner are the most essential stats about your account. You can get to your Battle Log from your own player profile. You won’t see this button when you look at other players.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign


Below the main panel are your badges. You can customize what you wish to show here. Although the screenshots show Card Mastery badges, you can instead show badges from your achievements and challenges. You can showcase up to 8 badges in this panel. Tap on each badge to change what you wish to show.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign

Badge Collection

Select Show Collection to access the complete collection in another popup. This will grant access to all the Card Mastery, Achievements and Challenges badges, similar to how they appear in your badge inventory screen.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign

Battle Deck

Battle Deck is next. This shows the last deck played by the players.

While achievements give quantitative stats about a player, decks provide the utility of allowing others to evaluate a player qualitatively. On a surface level, it doesn’t give much insight, but in truth it is one of the best info available to evaluate how much a player knows about a game. This is especially useful when admitting a new player to a clan — is he a Hog 2.6 player? An X-Bow player? If he’s playing a highly questionable deck and it doesn’t look like a troll deck, how confident are you that he will perform well in clan wars? A glance at these 8 cards can tell you a lot!

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign

Don’t judge me for the deck displayed here! This was the deck used last on this account because I was making a battle animation featuring all witches for the Witch-themed season! I don’t actually play this deck! 😫


League information is displayed afterwards. As in the current profile, it shows information about the Current Season, Previous Season, and the Best Season.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign


High-level stats is what follows — similar to what you see right now.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign

Supercell has picked these 6 fields for display:

  • Wins
  • Three Crown Wins
  • Highest Trophies
  • Cards Found
  • Total Donations
  • Current Favorite Card

Visit our player profiles on RoyaleAPI to see a LOT more stats!

Challenge Stats

Last but certainly not least are the 3 sectioned areas at the end of the profile:

  • Clan Wars 1 Stats
  • Challenge Stats
  • Tournament Stats
Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Profile Redesign

Personally, I don’t quite understand why CW1 stats are still shown here since it is no longer relevant, and we’ve sometimes received complaints from newer players since they could never improve those stats.

Player Badges

Now that players can customize their banners and profiles with their favorite badges, Supercell has added whole new range of badges!

Clan Wars 2

Winning CW2 matches. Comes in 8 upgrade levels: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 wins.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Achievement Badges


Donating cards. Progress depends on cards’ value. For example: Common = 1, Rare = 10, Epic = 10. Comes in 8 upgrade levels: 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Achievement Badges

Card Collection

Collecting or upgrading cards. Progress is the sum of all the cards’ levels. For example, upgrading a card from Lvl 11 to 12 gives +1 progress, while unlocking a Legendary card will give +9 progress.

8 upgrade levels are available: 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Achievement Badges

Collecting Battle Banner items. 8 upgrade levels: 15, 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 items.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Achievement Badges

2v2 Battles

Winning 2v2 matches. 7 upgrade levels are available: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 wins.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Achievement Badges


Collecting emotes. 8 upgrade levels: 0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 emotes.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Achievement Badges

Supercell Creator

Unlocked by being a Supercell Creator. Want to join the program? Apply at and progressively unlock perks as you move up the tiers!

Only Tier 3 creators will get the badge at the beginning. Tier 1-2 creators will likely get this badge later on.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Player Achievement Badges

Card Mastery

Remember that Card Mastery only had 7 levels when it was launched in the April 2022 Season? Ten cards will receive three more levels when the update is live.

In no particular order, you’ll be able to earn rewards for the following cards: Arrows, Earthquake, Electro Spirit, Mega Knight, Mortar, Pekka, Princess, The Log, Wall Breakers, Wizard.

Completing these tasks will give Banner Tokens. Specifically:

  • 1st task: 100 banner tokens
  • 2nd task: 125 banner tokens
  • 3rd task: 150 banner tokens
Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Card Mastery

Duel Decks

This is pretty big for the esports community — you can FINALLY player duels outside of clan wars, and create duel decks to play as in-game friendly battles! The duel deck slots are accessible via a toggle button at your deck slot panel.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Duel Decks

At the time of writing, there are some limitations to the duel deck slots. We have already reported these issues and Supercell will look into improving them in future updates. We want to let you know about these issues in advance so there won’t be any surprises.

  • Copy Deck. It’s currently not possible to copy decks directly into the duel deck slots. If you use deck links, you must first copy decks into the regular slots and then use copy / paste functionality to paste that deck into the duel slots.
  • Duplicate cards. If you paste a deck that contains duplicate cards, it will refuse to paste the deck. We’ve suggested to allow the player to paste in the non-duplicate cards and to either highlight the duplicate in a red / ghosted image or simply not paste that card into the slot — and thereby allowing player to keep the general idea of the deck while tweaking his selection.

Duel Modes

Regular duel mode is a Best-Of-3 (BO3) — you take 4 decks to battle, then select a deck to play before each round. Players play a minimum of two games and a maximum of three games to determine the winner.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Duel Modes

Ban Pick Duel

The Summer Update introduced a new type of duel called Ban Pick Duel Friendly Battle. You still take 4 decks to battle, but you’ll get a chance to ban two decks from your opponents, then pick one deck to play. It’s a BO1 with 4 decks.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update:  Ban Pick Duel Mode

Here’s a step-by-step to see what happens in this mode. Battle starts with the standard Duel mode splash.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Ban Pick Duel Mode

The game then shows you all 4 decks from your opponent, and ask that you ban 2 of them.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Ban Pick Duel Mode

The game then shows you which deck your opponent has planned, and invite you to choose the deck that you want to play.

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Ban Pick Duel Mode

Once you have both selected a deck…

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Ban Pick Duel Mode

…the battle begins!

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Ban Pick Duel Mode

This mode is interesting because you’ll know the exact cards in your opponent’s deck, but also give you a choice to ban decks that may play in your favor. In truth, the picking decision could be complex and I can’t wait to see when it‘s being used at the very top level!

Improvements: Volume Slider

Finally, you can get independent volume sliders for your music and SFX. Yup, after 5 years, the tech is finally here! 🥳

Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Improvements

Improvements: Trader

Trader has been one of the best-kept secrets for progression in Clash Royale. But many players didn’t even realize that he exists, because he had been snugged away on the Clan War River map since Clan Wars 2. Supercell wanted to increase the Trader’s visibility so they’re moving him into the shop.

Other improvements to Trader includes:

  • Improved cards’s selection
  • Reroll feature is now enable for both “Give” and “Get”
  • No limit on trades — as long as you have enough trade tokens and/or rerolls, you can trade as often and as much as you like!
Clash Royale 2022 Summer Update: Improvements

Improvements: Quality of Life


Mastery notifications are now faster, and won’t open details when tapping. It’s also now skippable by players if you swipe up.

The after-battle notifications will still happen, but they will be much less invasive.

Deck slot in special challenges

There’s now a delete deck button in special challenges.

The last deck used in special challenges is now remembered. Previously, ending a special challenges will reset the Build-a-deck interface to empty, and thus requiring you to build a deck from scratch. After the update, your last deck will be remembered.

Season pass gift limit increased from 10 to 20

Previously, you can get gold from up to 10 clan members when they bought the Pass Royale. After the update, you can get Gold from up to 20 members!

Improvements: Miscellaneous

These are technically patch notes from Supercell — here included for completeness:

  • AI and bots improvements
  • Invisible Royal Ghost not damaged by AoE Mega Knight (fixed issue)
  • Fixed a bug where players were awarded Chests from the wrong arena
  • Fixed a bug where Mastery progress notifications canceled tournament matchmaking
  • Fixed a number of rare crash occurrences
  • Numerous backend improvements and optimizations


As with past updates, it may take a couple of days for us to add all of the new features onto the site after the new features are live. We’d appreciate it if you would let us know if you see any strange behavior or bugs — ideally on our support site.

We’re pretty hyped about this update and we hope that you are too. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


client update season

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