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Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

March 16, 2024 · 8 min read

New Daily Tasks with Mystery Box, better Challenge rewards and more!

update client update

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Get amazing rewards by completing Daily Tasks!

Table of Contents

The first update of the year is scheduled for next Monday, March 18th (2024-03-18). It is a small update, with no groundbreaking changes, but it will affect how players engage with the game every day.

The 3 main changes are:

  • Daily Tasks rework
  • Challenge 1-time rewards
  • Deck UI changes

Daily Tasks and Mystery Box

Daily Tasks are changing slightly. You will still have 3 tasks every day, but the main change is the reward system: Battle Banner Tokens are going away, and a new Mystery Box will become the main reward.

Updated Task System

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

The 3 daily tasks will be the same every day:

  • Play 1 Battle
  • Earn 10 Crowns
  • Win 3 Battles

You can progress through all the daily tasks simultaneously, but winning 3 battles will usually be the last one standing. This means that, on average, you’ll need to play 6 battles every day to complete all the daily tasks.

This is more than what the old tasks usually required, but you’ll be able to choose where to complete the tasks. For example, being required to play Clan Wars or Ranked could feel inconvenient, and that won’t happen anymore. Players will be able to complete the tasks while they collect the 1,000 daily Season Tokens.

Is this slight increase worth it? What are you getting in return?

Mystery Box

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

The other main change is in the daily rewards. Instead of a Silver Chest and 20 Battle Banner tokens, the main reward will be a Mystery Box.

The Mystery Box is a new kind of loot box that can give you a wide variety of items: Gold, Magic Books and much more... even Evolution Wild Shards and a Book of Books! Of course, these will be very uncommon rewards, but they aim to make the Daily Task experience more exciting and unique.

Mystery Box Contents

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

The first thing to know about the Mystery Box is that it’s rewards are dependent on the arena you are in. For example, you can only get Elite Wild Cards once you reach Arena 15 (5,000 trophies).

The other main factor is the Mystery Box rarity. When you open a box, it always starts as common, but you have 3 chances to upgrade the rarity. The upgrade probabilities for each chance:

Rarity Upgrade Probability
Common 20%
Rare 25%
Epic 30%
Legendary -

We won’t bore you with the math, but the final probabilities for each of the box rarities are:

Rarity Final Probability Frequency
Common 51.2% 1 every 2.0 days
Rare 36.1% 1 every 2.8 days
Epic 11.3% 1 every 8.9 days
Legendary 1.5% 1 every 66.7 days

Now, let’s look at the specific items that you can get from each of these rarities. For simplicity, we’ll show the rewards from the highest arena: Arena 23 (9,000 trophies).

Common Mystery Box

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Item Item Count Probability
Gold 1,500 30%
Common Wild Cards 20 30%
Rare Wild Cards 10 30%
Epic Wild Cards 5 10%

Rare Mystery Box

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Item Item Count Probability
Gold 7,500 25%
Common Wild Cards 200 25%
Rare Wild Cards 50 25%
Epic Wild Cards 20 10%
Legendary Wild Card 1 10%
Champion Wild Card 1 5%

Epic Mystery Box

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Item Item Count Probability
Common Book 1 12%
Rare Book 1 11%
Epic Book 1 7%
Evolution Wild Shard 1 10%
Legendary Wild Cards 5 20%
Champion Wild Cards 3 20%
Elite Wild Cards 7,500 20%

Legendary Mystery Box

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Item Item Count Probability
Legendary Book 1 30%
Book of Books 1 30%
Elite Wild Cards 50,000 30%
Full Evolution 1 10%

Mystery Box Rewards

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Some of these rewards scale with the arena. For example, gold from the Common Mystery Box starts at 200 coins at Arena 1, but reached the maximum of 1,500 coins at Arena 15. All the different items reach their maximum amount by Arena 15 (5,000 trophies), so climbing higher in Trophy Road won’t make rewards better after that.

Overall, there’s not just a chance of awesome rewards, the average daily rewards will also increase significantly when compared to the old Silver Chests that you could earn each day.

An average player will get a Rare box every 3 days, an Epic box every 9 days and a Legendary box every 67 days.

Another interesting stat: on average, you’ll get 1.6 Books of Books per year if you play daily!

Rewards after a year

Loot probabilities can be a bit unintuive to get a grasp on the final rewards, so here’s an alternative. These are the average rewards you’ll get after opening boxes for a full year (365 days):

Item Expected Count
Gold 330,000
Common Wild Cards 7,700
Rare Wild Cards 2,200
Epic Wild Cards 360
Legendary Wild Cards 54
Champion Wild Cards 31
Common Books 4.9
Rare Books 4.5
Epic Books 2.9
Legendary Books 1.6
Book of Books 1.6
Evolution Wild Shards 4.1
Full Evolutions 0.5
Elite Wild Cards 140,000

Daily Tasks Summary

If that much information was a bit overwhelming, these are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Same 3 tasks every day
  • Battle Banner tokens only available in the season shop
  • Mystery Box loot overrides Magic Item inventory limits
  • Small chance to get awesome rewards in the Mystery Box
  • Daily Tasks refreshed daily, same time as daily shop
  • Optimal rewards reached at Arena 15 (5,000 trophies)

Challenge 1-time Rewards

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Challenges nowadays are far away from their prime; mediocre rewards that haven’t kept up with the game economy, long queue times and lower status overall may be the main issues, but certainly not the only ones.

This update brings a small change that should make them more appealing to casual and new players: 1-time rewards.

Classic Challenge, Common Book

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Mega Draft Challenge, Rare Book

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Grand Challenge, Epic Book

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Completing your first Classic and Grand challenge is already special, because they unlock a profile badge. After the update, on top of the badge, you’ll receive a Magic Book for your first 12-win. Each of the challenges will reward a Magic Book of a different rarity:

Type Reward
Classic Challenge Common Book
Mega Draft Challenge Rare Book
Grand Challenge Epic Book

IMPORTANT NOTE: to apply these changes, progress in any challenge that you have ongoing will be erased. This means that you should complete any active challenges you may have by next Monday, March 18th at 9:00 AM UTC; otherwise, your progress will be lost and you won’t receive the final chest reward.

The last thing to keep in mind for these new rewards is that they are restricted by Magic Item inventory limits. This means that if you already have a Magic Book like the one you are about to receive, you should to spend it before receiving the new one. If you don't, you'll receive 100 gems instead as overflow value.

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

Deck UI changes

Since Tower Troops were added to the decks tab, several things had to be changed. These additional changes should make the user experience smother, and most importantly: faster to edit decks!

Pasting Deck With Tower Troops

Deck links still don’t support Tower Troops, but you can now paste decks from one slot to another and keep the original Tower Troop.

Ascending/Descending Order

Mystery Box Update (March, 2024 Q1)

A new button has been added to switch between ascending and descending order, which is now independent of the card category you are looking at.

Direct Deck Editing

Instead of taping on "Edit Deck" every time you want to change a card, you will directly access your card collection after simply tapping one of the 8 cards.

To exit this edit mode view you have two options:

  • Tap the card which is selected in your deck to unselect it
  • Switch to a different deck slot and then switch back

This is important to know if you want to change the Tower Troop of your deck, which isn’t an option while you are editing the deck.

One More Small Thing

Yesterday we learned some sad news about Clash Mini: the beta game developed by the Supercell Shanghai studio is being discontinued.

You can find out more here:

Official Announcement: Clash Mini Ending Development

This is not only related to Clash Royale because they are both set in the Clash universe, there are also ongoing discussions about the possibility of Clash Mini being added to Clash Royale, maybe as a minigame?

This is what they explain in the announcement:

However, we can still see very high potential and love for the game within Supercell and our Community. With that in mind, we have decided to commit to bringing the Clash Mini experience to Clash Royale to reach its fullest potential. By doing this, we can better serve many more players in fulfilling our ultimate goal and vision. Once we have concrete updates on the next steps for this development, we intend to share them with you as soon as possible.

This is far away from being a reality, but they claim to be commited to it. A lot of work would be needed to integrate one game into the other cohesively; don’t expect it to happen in the short term. Whenever there are more news to share around this topic, we’ll share them with you.


Let us know what you liked the most about this update. Are you excited to open Mystery Boxes?

Also, we’d love to hear ideas and suggestions for future updates, what changes would you like to see next in Clash Royale?


update client update

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