Summer Update #1

14 wks ago - June 18, 2018

June update is coming very soon. Besides many quality-of-life improvements, it will include two new cards.

New cards

  • Giant Snowball is a 2-Elixir Common in Frozen Peak
  • Royal Hogs are a 5-Elixir Rare in Hog Mountain

Card Interactions

Best New Decks

Giant Snowball

  • Damage: 127
  • Crown Tower Damage: 45
  • Slowdown Duration: 2 sec
  • Radius: 3
  • Will kill overleveled Spear Goblins
  • Snowball + 1 Tower shot will kill Princess, Dart Goblin, and Rascal Girls

Royal Hogs

  • Damage: 59
  • Damage per second: 53
  • Hitpoints: 695
  • Hitspeed: 1.1 sec
  • Targets: Buildings
  • Speed: Very fast
  • Range: Melee
  • Deploy Time: 1 sec
  • Count: x4
  • Fireball or MiniPEKKA + 2 tower shots to kill
  • Will survive a PEKKA swing barely (any extra damage will kill)

Qualify of Life changes

We will provide more information about these tomorrow. Stay tuned!

For now, you can check out the sneak peek from TV Royale:

Balance Update

Balance updates will be live on June 20 (Wednesday). See detailed info on

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